• HOw Uphσℓ∂ Account Work

    Account Management

    Uphold users can access their accounts via the company website or its mobile apps. Once logged in, you can use the online dashboard or mobile app to buy, sell, and trade assets; review your portfolio; and more. However, given that Uphold offers few options for customer support, users will likely be mostly on their own with managing their accounts.

    How Uphold Compares to Other Cryptocurrency Companies

    The growth of the cryptocurrency market and the number of exchanges available makes it difficult to know which platform is ideal for your needs. Here’s a look uphold account at how Uphold compares to BlockFi, another popular cryptocurrency exchange.

    Uphold vs. BlockFi 

    Uphold login and BlockFi both offer user-friendly platforms to buy, sell, and trade crypto. However, there are some unique differences between the two exchanges.

    • Uphold offers almost 100 cryptocurrencies available for trade, while supports just 16 cryptocurrencies.
    • BlockFi lets qualified borrowers take out loans backed by their crypto holdings, while Uphold doesn’t offer this option.
    • Uphold offers a cryptocurrency rewards debit card for users, and BlockFi offers a cryptocurrency rewards credit card.
    • Uphold lets users buy, sell, and trade across asset classes while  does not.


    Despite its wide selection of cryptocurrencies and advanced security features, Uphold receives poor reviews from customers. Problems with customer service and account lockouts make it a challenging platform for some users.

    That said, Uphold’s unique features like multi-asset trading and the ability to earn crypto rewards via the Uphold Card may make it an attractive platform to certain users. However, it’s a good idea to research different crypto exchanges and compare options before you sign up.


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